Think Purity

Trusted and effective algaecide

  • The brand trusted by professionals and thousands of pond owners
  • Used when algae needs to be “knocked back”
  • Proven safe in multiple conditions, follow the label instructions



Think Purity algaecide is a proven method for short-term control of algae in your pond. The product does not remove nutrients from the sediments or water column. However, if a pond requires better water quality in the short term due to excessive algae, Think Purity acts quickly to reduce the appearance of algae and interrupts its life cycle.

The active ingredient in Think Purity is cupric ions, a form of copper. If you are familiar with agricultural water management, a similar product is bluestone.

Since Think Purity does not remove the nutrients that support algae (nitrogen or phosphorus) from your water body, the dead algae will sink to the sediments of your pond and decompose. This algal decomposition will release stored nitrogen and phosphorus back into the water column and fuel future algal blooms.

Think Purity is widely available and acceptable for use across Canada. It is registered in Canada as an algaecide. It is vital that the pond owner read the label and application instructions carefully. Think Purity is safe for drinking water for animals and livestock.

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1L, 4L, 10L

How to Use

Read the dosing instructions carefully and apply by pouring Think Purity into your pond, dugout or reservoir.

About the Product

Think Purity is a registered algaecide with active ingredients. It is licensed for consumer use in Canada. Users are responsible to read the label and follow dosing instructions.


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