Turbine aeration design for modern, environmentally friendly water management.

Successful blackwater managers rely on top-quality components to develop the correct conditions in their systems. Efficient delivery of diffuse oxygen is a key consideration – the right aerator is important. A high rate of air transfer performance in a durable, simple aerator is a versatile and valuable solution for wastewater installations.

Torring Turbine Underwater

Are you looking for an aerator that:

  • Produces rapid initial oxygenation;
  • Maintains high retention rates of diffuse oxygen;
  • Lowers operational power consumption;
  • Is durable in demanding environments, including ice;
  • Has a simple design that markedly improves the longevity of moving parts?

Algae Control Canada offers turbine aeration that moves oxygen through water, rather than water through oxygen. The design relies on physics phenomena: centrifugal force and precession as applied to rotating fluids. These two phenomena deliver exceptional oxygen transfer efficiency and high volumes of diffuse oxygen per unit.

The design is enhanced by a meticulous manufacturing process that focuses on simplicity and quality control. There are no bearings to be greased or floats to be checked, lowering maintenance costs. The pontoons are made of high density UV Treated, polyethylene jacket filled with closed-cell foam. It is designed to withstand the rigours of North American seasons. The drive shafts are precision balanced, and components are quality tested.

Customers across substantive industries throughout the United States and Central America in municipal wastewater, industrial wastewater (mining, oil & gas), and agriculture have experienced and produced notable results with air turbine aerators.

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