Quattro DB Blu®

Control algae, crystal clear water, no chemicals

  • Emits thousands of ultrasonic frequencies in a 360°, linear, and line of sight pattern
  • Works on hundreds of species of algae
  • Works in as little in 14 days
  • Safe for people and pets
  • Breaks down the cell walls of algae with ultrasonic waves
  • Works up to 24 hectares for blue-green algae and 3 hectares for green algae
  • Will reduce biofilm on filters and reduce your algal fouling
  • Bluetooth enabled with a complimentary Android ready app to program run cycles
  • Low-cost operation


  • Low visibility float
  • 316 stainless steel chains
  • 30 meters of cable
  • 24VAC\DC Power supply
    • For land based power, international applications
    • Bluetooth communications are built in
    • Universal 85Vac to 264Vac (50/60Hz)
    • Hardwired to your existing 24Vac/dc power supply
    • Variety of international adapters included



The Quattro-DB-Blu by Hydro-BioScience is a groundbreaking solution for zero-chemical eradication of algae. The algae in your pond is broken down at the cell wall by consistent high frequency ultrasonic waves emitted by the transducer.


  • Reduced Biofouling
  • Reduced Turbidity Reduced THMs
  • Reduced HAAs & HABs
  • Reduced pH
  • Reduced Chlorine Usage Increased Filter Life
  • Reduced Water Odors

Ultrasonic algae control has been on the market for over a decade and has shown to be effective when used properly. The Quattro-Blu delivers consistent high quality ultrasonic waves that break down the cell walls of algae in your pond. The Quattro-DB-Blu features a unibody design to withstand the conditions in a pond.

The specification sheet for Quattro-DB Blu can be found here.



  • Quattro-DB-Blu ultrasonic transducer
  • Low visibility float
  • 316 stainless steel chains
  • 30 meters of cable
  • 24VACDC Power supply
    • For land based power, international applications
    • Bluetooth communications are built in
    • Universal 85Vac to 264Vac (50/60Hz)
    • Hardwired to your existing 24Vac/dc power supply
  • Android-ready app available for programming use cycles

Partial list of algae species affected by the Quttro-DB-Blu patented system:

Aphanizomenon, Cyclotella, Pseudanabaena, Anabaena, Dictyosphaerium, Phacus, Aphanochaete, Fragilaria, Pinnularia, Arcella, Gloeocystis, Planktothrix, Gomphonema, Chlamydomonas, Lagerheimia, Chlorella, Lyngbya, Chroococcus, Micractinium, Spirogyra, Coelastrum, Staurastrum, Microcystis, Cosmarium, Tabellaria, Crucigenia, Nitzschia, Tribonema, Ulothrix, Botryococcus braunii, Rhodomonas minuta, Tetradesmus acuminatus, Scenedesmus quadricauda, Merismopedia tenuissima, Sphaerocystis schroeteri, Chloromonas reticulata, Navicula minima, Cryptomonas erosa, and Oocystis pusilla.

How to use

Installation Instructions

Initial setup

  1. The sonic head transducer connects to the float (included with your purchase) via a chain (included)
  2. The power cord (included) connects to the land-based 24VACDC power supply (included) and the transducer.
    1. The 30 meters of cable connects the transducer to the power supply
  3. The 24VACDC power supply remains on-shore. Connect it to your primary household power supply.
  4. To securely connect the float in your pond, there are 2 methods: anchor or staking.
    1. Choose the one that works best for your pond and situation
    2. Method 1/anchor:
      1. Fill an empty bleach bottle with sand or gravel (total fill weight a minimum of 5kg, preferably closer to 10kg)  to use as an anchor.
      2. Attach enough nylon rope + 30cm (not supplied) for the depth of your pond to both the anchor and the float.
      3. Row to the reasonable center of the pond and drop the anchor and install the float and transducer. Please wear a PFD any time you work on water.
    3. Method 2/ staking.
      1. Measure the narrowest point between both shorelines at the center of your pond.
      2. Attach enough nylon rope (not supplied) to the float in 2 equal lengths to transverse your pond. *If your pond is a pronounced oval or oblong, you’ll need a length long enough to walk around the pond on one piece of the rope.
      3. Stake (not supplied, old heavy duty tent pegs work and use your best judgment in choosing ground dry enough to securely hold the stake)  the nylon rope on one shoreline, hold the longer rope portion, walk around to the other side of the pond, carrying the transducer until you must place it in the water. Then complete your path on the opposite side from the first stake. Install the nylon rope to your second stake.
      4. Ensure that the tension on the nylon rope is reasonable for your pond conditions. Less tension means your float will move more in windy conditions.
      5. If you mow the lawn to your shoreline, it’s prudent to flag or mark your stakes.

About the Product / Disclaimer

This product has been rated as safe for people and pets by the manufacturer. If you have fish of varying species in your pond ecosystem, we recommend using the product in 12-hour cycles to ensure the product is both effective and a low intervention in your ecosystem.

Manufacturer’s defect warranty is available – please contact us upon delivery if there is visible damage. This product is not returnable nor refundable once used.


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