PondZilla Pro

Natural catalyst for algaecide

  • Improve the effectiveness of Think Purity algaecide
  • Decrease the amount of chemical you need
  • Biostimulant to accelerate the natural clean up of algae
  • Especially critical in hard water applications when copper solubility and performance is reduced.



The cells of algae and aquatic plants can be thought of as a series of well-engineered structures. These structures are made of complex proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, and minerals. Chlorophyll is stored within the chloroplasts in the cell, and chlorophyll is how a plant gets its energy to grow from sunlight. This intricate framework allows algae and aquatic plants to grow and thrive while aiding in resistance to chemical treatments.

Improving the performance of contact algaecides, such as Think Purity, enables you to apply less algaecide in the long term and decrease the re-release of nutrients stored in the algae.

Additional information


1 L, 1 Gallon / 3.78 L, 2.5 Gallon / 9.46 L, 5 Gallon / 18.93 L

How to Use

Mix with your Canadian regulated algaecide and apply according to dose rates.

About the Product

PondZilla Pro is researched, created and produced by Natural Lake BioSciences. Algae Control Canada is an authorized distributor. Natural Lake Products are approved for sale in Canada. Click here to download the MDS, view multiple case studies and download product sheets.



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