Polar Blend

Cold Water Clarity – A solution for water in Canada

  • Cold water probiotics that can be used in water as cool as 5°C.
  • Improves the performance of naturally occurring bacteria.
  • Assists in recovering water quality after adverse events.
  • Actively consumes excess nutrients to prevent unwanted plant growth and algal blooms.
  • Helps maintain a balanced aquatic ecosystem, especially during colder months.



Introducing Polar Blend, a scientifically developed probiotic specifically designed for the unique challenges of cold water environments. Enhanced with psychrophilic microorganisms and tailored growth stimulants, this formulation thrives in temperatures from 41°F to 60°F (5°C to 15.5°C), ensuring optimal performance when you need it most. Our advanced probiotic doesn’t just add beneficial bacteria—it revitalizes native microbial communities essential for nutrient absorption and ecosystem health. Developed through extensive research and real-world testing across North American water bodies, Polar Edition is your key to a healthier pond with visibly improved water quality and reduced nutrient levels.

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2.72 KG / 6 LB (24 x 1/4lb Packs), 4.53 KG / 10 LB (40 x 1/4lb Packs), 13.60 KG / 30 LB (120 x 1/4lb Packs)

How to Use

For best results, apply Polar Blend as a dry powder directly to your pond or dissolve it for spray application over the water’s surface. This product works excellently on its own or when paired with PondZilla Pro or AquaSticker for an enhanced effect. Regular application will help maintain clarity and balance in your pond, ensuring it remains a focal point of your property year-round. Enjoy the beauty and tranquility of your estate with minimal effort and maximum effectiveness.

About the Product

Polar Blend is researched, created and produced by Natural Lake BioSciences. Algae Control Canada is an authorized distributor. Natural Lake Products are approved for sale in Canada. Click here to download the MDS, view multiple case studies and download product sheets.



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