Nature’s Blend

Your Premier Pond Care Probiotics

  • Easy to use, dry powder application.
  • Supports the living ecosystem of bacteria that naturally occur in your pond.
  • Actively consumes excess nutrients to maintain pond health.
  • Efficiently lowers ammonia levels, enhancing water clarity and quality.
  • Clears up water, making your pond look more inviting.



Nature’s Blend is your go-to solution for maintaining a beautiful and healthy pond in a Canadian summer, perfect for water temperatures between 14.4°C-25.6°C. This advanced dry probiotic formula is enriched with a unique blend of psychrophilic, neutrophilic, and mesophilic microorganisms, plus select stimulants that enhance microbial performance. It’s designed to rapidly cycle out excessive nitrogen and phosphorus from aquatic environments, supporting a balanced ecosystem and promoting rapid recovery from environmental stressors and chemical treatments.


Tailored for professionals who understand the life cycle of bacteria in a pond, Nature’s Blend is available to consumers. The probiotic works as a standalone treatment and can be applied either as a dry powder or dissolved and sprayed over your pond. For enhanced results, consider combining it with complementary products like PondZilla Pro or AquaSticker.

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2.72 KG / 6 LB (12 x 1/2lb Packs), 4.53 KG / 10 LB (20 x 1/2lb Packs), 13.60 KG / 30 LB (60 x 1/2lb Packs)

How to Use

Directly sprinkle Nature’s Blend as a dry powder over the water surface, or dissolve it in water and spray evenly across your pond. For ongoing care, reapply monthly or as needed to maintain optimal water quality and clarity.

Nature’s Blend was meticulously developed through extensive research involving lake and pond samples from across the United States, focusing on mild water temperatures where natural microbial communities flourish. Our formulation not only supplements natural populations but also supports indigenous organisms that are essential for nutrient uptake. Experience the benefits of real science and real results with Nature’s Blend.

About the Product

Nature’s Blend is researched, created and produced by Natural Lake BioSciences. Algae Control Canada (ACC Water Solutions) is an authorized distributor. Natural Lake Products are approved for sale in Canada. Click here to download the MDS, view multiple case studies and download product sheets.


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