Stabilize and support beneficial bacteria in your pond

  • Easy to use brick that is slowly absorbed into the water column
  • Net free design that won’t interfere with aeration, pumps, or fountains
  • Proprietary blend of bacterial cultures, proteins, and amino acids
  • Helps with water column clarity, sludge reduction, nutrient control



When your water body faces stress from various sources including drought, excessive rainfall, rapid temperature swings and heavy storms, your bacterial community can struggle. MicrobeBooster revitalizes and supports stressed bacteria communities. This improves the function of the naturally occurring bacteria in your water to remove excess nutrients which often cause unwanted algal blooms, excessive aquatic plant growth and other water quality issues.

MicrobeBooster was developed as an added layer of protection for bacterial colonies and to stabilize the ecosystem of your pond. MicrobeBooster slowly releases stimulants and bacterial cultures, enhancing the effectiveness of Natural Lake Biosciences’ probiotic solutions and supporting the native microbes critical for managing nitrogen and phosphorus levels. MicrobeBooster is more than just beneficial bacteria; it’s a scientifically designed probiotic that works synergistically with existing microbial communities to deliver tangible results.

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3 LB (1.36 KG), 9 LB (4.08 KG)

How to Use

For optimal performance, place MicrobeBooster in areas with flowing water to better activate the bacterial cultures. Ideal locations include near fountains, aerators, or at the end of docks—anywhere water movement can aid in dispersion. Regularly check the product, and replace it every 60 days or once it has completely dissolved. This placement ensures continuous support and protection for your aquatic environment.

  • Works best in water temperature between 4.4°C-48.9°C
  • Effective lifespan of MicrobeBooster is 30-60 days
  • Store in a cool, dark place

About the Product

Microbebooster is researched, created and produced by Natural Lake BioSciences. Algae Control Canada is an authorized distributor. Natural Lake Products are approved for sale in Canada. Click here to download the MDS, view multiple case studies and download product sheets.



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