Mother Nature’s Larvae Control

  • A bacteria that exhibits larvicidal properties
  • Discovered in 1976, used extensively in wastewater treatment to control specific larvae for decades
  • May be used in Canada, check provincial regulations
  • Works on mosquito larvae in standing water



AQUABACxt, features the naturally occurring bacterium, Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. Israelensis (Bti). Discovered in 1976 in the soil of Israel’s Nahal Besor Desert, Bti is renowned for its precise and safe larvicidal action against pests like mosquitoes, blackflies, and midge flies.

Bti works by producing a protein crystal during its spore-forming stage. When ingested by larvae, such as those of mosquitoes, it binds to the lining of their stomachs. This disrupts the stomach, effectively halting the pest’s lifecycle by preventing them from maturing into breeding adults.

This product is particularly suited for application in aquatic settings like lakes and ponds, where it strategically targets and eliminates larvae without affecting other wildlife. Not only is Bti highly effective in controlling mosquito populations, but it also carries no observed resistance in target species, ensuring lasting efficacy in managing these pests.

Safety is paramount with AQUABACxt. Approved and monitored by select provincial environment ministries, Bti poses no risk to humans, fish, mammals, or beneficial insects and aquatic microorganisms. It is an environmentally friendly choice for pest control in diverse aquatic environments.

Easy to apply and requiring no special handling, AQUABACxt is an ideal solution for maintaining the natural balance of your aquatic spaces while effectively managing mosquito populations.

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0.5 L, 1 L, 4 L, 2.5 Gallon / 9.46 L, 5 Gallon / 18.93 L

How to Use

Check with your province’s pesticide regulation prior to purchasing for use. Follow label instructions for dose rates.

About the Product

AQUABACxt is researched, created and produced by Natural Lake BioSciences. Algae Control Canada is an authorized distributor. Natural Lake Products are approved for sale in Canada. Click here to download the MDS, view multiple case studies and download product sheets.


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