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If you’d like to read more about sizing, please read the information in the System Sizing tab below. You’ll also find images of sample aeration design.

Open the System Specifications tabe for more information on this UL certified compressor and aeration system, including warranty information and specification downloads.

Curious about the science behind aeration? Check out our Aeration FAQs tab.

If you are unsure of the correct number of aerator heads you require, or the proper placement in your pond, every aeration system at Algae Control Canada includes complimentary free design service.

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System Description

One (1) Super-Duty Brookwood 1/4HP, 2 CFM compressor installed in a PondLyfe QuietAir cabinet and equipped with a pressure gauge, pressure release valve, and single air outlet. Includes one (1) Vertex XL2 AirStation diffuser base.

The pond aeration system you’re looking for if your pond

  • has a reasonably uniform shape,
  • is at least 10 feet deep (at deepest point), and is ● 1/10 to 1/4 of an acre in surface area.

Pond shape and volume is the simplest way to determine pond aeration system size.

Aeration System
SystemDiffuser BaseCabinetHPCFMHose Size
PondLyfe 11-XL2 SWOptional 1/4250’ | 100’
PondLyfe 22- XL1Optional 1/4250’ | 100’
PondLyfe 33-XL1Optional 1/4250’ | 100’
PondLyfe 41-XL2 SW and 1-XL1Optional 1/4250’ | 100’


PondLyfe 1 is a Vertex Aquatic Systems™  pond aeration system. It features a Brookwood rocking piston compressor. This quarter horsepower compressor aeration system is popular because it is efficient, powerful and reliable. It is built with QuietAire® technology. You enjoy one of the quietest operating units on the market.

Depending on how your pond is situated on your land you can choose the length of sinking aeration tubing you need. Sinking aeration tubing comes in standard roll size of 100 feet. To help save you money we offer a 50 foot option. The tubing can be cut to required lengths or assembled together with included barbed adapters and hose clamps.

Choose the right size for your pond and water quality.

If you’re experiencing water quality issues like pond algae, mucky sediments, or cloudy water, you may need to go up a size for your aeration system and have more than one Airstation aerators (diffuser bases) to deliver oxygen evenly throughout the water. We encourage you to consider a PondLyfe 2, which has an extra valve outlet to support 2 Airstations.

In Canada? Call us with your questions for a free consultation. 1-888-466-0031

System Sizes

How to Size your PondLyfe Aeration System

Size Notes:

Small Ponds: Ponds shallower than ten (10) feet and larger than 1/5 often require custom aeration design to ensure full mixing of the pond is achieved. If you have more than a gentle slope shoreline of shallow water in your pond, you will require more aeration.

We work with customers using their observations and understanding of their pond. Co

Large Ponds/Community Lakes: We design and install custom aeration across Canada. Contact us for more information.

Your goal is to mix oxygen throughout all of the water in your pond, top to bottom, preferably edge to edge. Literally, all of it is the goal.

It’s difficult to achieve this, but it should be your goal when selecting a system to have enough aerator heads distributed throughout your pond to get the dissolved oxygen mixed as evenly as possible.

You can correctly choose how many aerator heads your PondLyfe Aeration System based on volume calculations of your pond.

Step One Surface area

The simplest way to determine the total surface area of your pond is Google Earth and plot the outline of your pond. *We’ll do this for you for free. Just choose “yes” for free system design on the order page.

1/10 acre to 1/4 acrePondLyfe 1(1) XL2
One airstation with a double diffuser head
1/4 acre to 1/2 acrePondLyfe 2(2) XL1
Two Airstations, each with a single diffuser head
1/2 acre to 3/4 acrePondLyfe 3(3) XL1
Three Airstations, each with a single diffuser head
Irregular shape up to 3/4 acrePondLyfe 4(1) XL2 + (1) XL1
Two airstations: one with a double diffuser head, the other a single diffuser head

Larger than an acre? Select an 1/3 HP Air 2 system or larger system.

Step 2 Pond shape and depth

  1. Is one end of the pond shallow (less than 10 feet)?
    1. Add an additional XL1 airstation for each extended shallow area.
  2. Does your pond have islands?
    1. Add an additional XL1 airstation unit to go on the far side of an island, to ensure even distribution of oxygen to the sediments.
    2. Maximum number of airstations is in the PondLyfe 3. More airstations required? Select an Air 2 system or larger.

Step 3 Water quality

You can design aeration to help solve water quality problems like:

  • Persistent or recurring algal blooms
  • Annual / seasonal fish kills
  • High turbidity (murky water)
  • A lot of muck in your sediments
  • Bad smells (organic material rotting)

Please call us for further information. Our consults are free of charge and solving these problems is what we do. We’ll help you:

  • plan the placement of aerator heads (air stations),
  • do the math on surface area,
  • help you ask the right questions about your power source and electricity consumption,
  • answer your questions about winterization and maintenance cycles,
  • work with your water quality goals and budget to get better results for your pond, faster.

Please note, aeration does not solve every water quality problem. Aeration does help create the conditions for solving most water quality issues. Sufficient dissolved oxygen is necessary to support the proper functioning of biological and chemical systems in your pond.

System Specifications

System Specifications

Your Pondlyfe system by Vertex Aquatic Solutions™ gives you long run-times, simpler and more cost effective compressor maintenance schedules, top industry warranties and certified components with a strong scientific foundation.

Algae Control Canada is the premiere distributor of Vertex Aquatic Solutions™ aeration systems in Canada.

You enjoy complimentary aeration design services on every system we sell. Our goal is to help you confidently solve pond water quality problems.

Each Vertex PondLyfe system gives you the following benefits in your pond:

  • Easy penetration of stratification layers in your water column
  • Excellent conditions for thriving beneficial bacteria
  • A reduction in fish kills due to low oxygen. This is especially true in very hot weather warmer water stresses fish and simultaneously decreases dissolved oxygen in water
  • Is a reliable catalyst for chemical and biological processes that reduce nutrient levels associated with algae growth
  • Less bottom muck through oxidation
  • More oxygenated habitat for your fish (relative to water volume)
  • Fewer mosquitos, midges and other insects that hatch in still/standing waters
  • Reduction or elimination of foul odors from slow decomposition of organic matter

System Components and Warranty benefits

  • UL, 115v, 2CFM
  • A super-duty Brookwood compressor.
    • This oil-free compressor comes with a 2-3 year extended duty cycle for maintenance.

○    A 3-year warranty is included on any compressor that is purchased with a PondLyfe Quietair ™ Cabinet

○    UL certified

  • Pre Installed in a PondLyfe Quietair ™ Cabinet
    • The cabinet has its own limited lifetime warranty against rust

○    The cabinet protects the compressor from the elements

○    The Quietair ™ Cabinet is integrated with the system and delivers one of the quietest compressor experiences on the market

○    Includes mounting pad, quick disconnect switch and plug-in connection ○  Available in Sand colour in Canada. ●         Airstation disks

○    5-year no questions asked warranty

○    Tough, efficient and simple to install

  • Super-Duty Self-weighted Tubing
    • Made specifically for our systems

○    Durable, easy to work with

  • Systems come in 115V 60 Hz or 220V – 240V, 50/60 Hz
  • Remote Valve boxes can be used on all systems
  • AirStations can be configured for fresh or salt water environments

Aeration Benefits

Read more about Aeration Basics

Product flyers

Download ¼ HP Pondlyfe 1 Bundle Flyers

Aeration FAQs

Does aeration work?

Yes. But, aeration doesn’t solve every water quality problem.

This is related to: How does aeration work?

Aeration is the introduction of gas into a liquid.

By introducing oxygen (gas) in pond (water) liquid you support the biological and chemical processes of your pond.

This is the most common misconception about aeration. Adding oxygen is a support not a a

It really depends on the details of your pond.

In most situations, aeration will greatly assist in creating the right conditions for the robust biological and chemical processes that create good water quality.

A Brief Explanation

The biological and chemical properties (measures) of your pond are unique. The scientific processes of healthy water are generally common – yes there are some limited exceptions – across North America and rely on key chemical and biological measures to function properly.

For example, a 25 year-old pond next to a cattle pasture probably has a very high level of nutrients from water run-off. This is a unique property of the pond. Unless you can see floating particulates, the excess nutrients are invisible until consumed by algae and your water quality is visibly poor and possibly dangerous to humans, pets and livestock. To enhance the common biological process most likely to influence water quality in this situation, additional oxygen from aeration is required to support beneficial bacteria to consume the nutrients.

Can I test my water quality?

Of course. We always welcome testing. It’s just expensive, and it’s often simpler and less pricey on ponds under 3-5 acres to use observational science to begin aerating. Then adjust over time, based on what is happening in the pond environment as oxygen is added via aeration.

Can I test with a single water sample?

Good testing happens over time and creates trendlines.

A single water sample test at dawn is different than at dusk in the same pond. It’s even more different after a significant amount of rain.

You are welcome to send a single sample to the labs. We’ll work with you to understand the results. We also want you to be aware of the limitations of a single sample.

How do I determine the surface area of my pond?

Google Earth is the best way. Here is a link to the how-to:

We use Google Earth Pro. We always determine the correct size of your pond in our free consultations.

How do I determine the depths of my pond?

We’ve found the best option is low tech. Go for a float (safely, with a life jacket) and drop a depth sounding line (nylon rope with knots every 12 inches and a small anchor) over the edge of your float craft. Record as many measurements as reasonably possible to build a grid of depths.

Should I measure my pond?


Unless your pond is a brand new build, please measure.

It is very important for good aeration design. It’s rare to intuitively guess the depth measurements especially in natural water, unlined ponds, or lined ponds more than 5 years old. Muck really accumulates – especially in windy conditions, dust drops out of air into water.

Can bad aeration design harm my water quality?


Injecting oxygen too quickly can “turn over” your pond. This quickly moves anoxic (low oxygen water) from the sediments to the top of the pond. Side effects of this phenomenon can include:

  • Fish kills
  • Algal blooms (when nutrients also mix into the water too quickly)
  • Excessive foul odours from rotting nutrients and vegetation
  • Severe water turbidity

You can download our Aeration Benefits for more background information on the science of aeration.

Freight is included in our pricing. Please carefully read the following:

Aeration systems, including weighted aeration tubing, are palletized and shipped via freight to the closest freight depot location to your address. We work directly with freight companies and ship across Canada, into small towns, rural and agricultural areas, and suburbs. Our freight partners have depots in almost all but the most remote destinations.

Once your order is ready to ship, a member of our team will contact you to set up shipping arrangements.

*Since freight is custom, we must speak with you and/or have a confirmation email prior to setting up your freight.

Please note:

  • Depending on the length of your air tubing, optional cabinet, and size of compressor, the total weight of your aeration system is up to 350 lbs.
  • We never initiate shipment via Canada Post or courier – it’s cost prohibitive.
  • You’ll probably need a pickup truck, minivan, SUV, or similar cargo capacity vehicle, to pick up your system from the freight depot.

○    The very smallest systems can be unpacked and shoved into a car. We’ll discuss the total size of the shipment when we make freight arrangements with you.

  • If you own a business and would like to use your business account for delivery to a non-depot destination, and/or would like to initiate shipping via an alternate method to ship the palletized system you’re responsible for all freight costs and arrangements, including pick up at our facility in Red Deer County. We’ll have it palleted and ready. ○ There is no discount offered when you set up your own freight.